Effective WhatsApp Marketing: Tips for Strengthening Your Brand
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WhatsApp: A simple, reliable, and private messaging and video-calling app used by more than 2 billion people in more than 180 countries today.

You would have never thought that this sort of technology could ever become an important application of your mobile phone.

It is quite possible that you may skip reading this article if you get a WhatsApp notification Just to check the message!

Everyone using WhatsApp can agree to the fact that they have become addicted to it, because of its features, updates, and accessibility they get.

Since more than 2 billion people are using WhatsApp, don’t you think businesses would leave this opportunity to directly connect with their customers?

No right!

That’s why in the year 2018, Facebook came up with Whatsapp Business API, which allows businesses to broadcast & receive unlimited messages to a global audience & drive better customer experiences on WhatsApp.

In this guide, you will learn some of the effective tips for WhatsApp marketing that can strengthen your brand

But first, clear your basics!

Comprehending WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

WhatsApp was just a messaging platform that was used for personal communication. But now things have changed.

Now, businesses have also entered this field.

Understanding the potential of WhatsApp marketing can give businesses a direct linkage with the 2 billion people using WhatsApp.

Think of it by yourself getting a platform that can give you uncountable potential customers from whom you can connect directly, drive sales, increase conversion, and have their feedback.

These are not all, there are other benefits as well that can help boost your business:

Communicate Directly

WhatsApp lets you communicate directly with the audience, within a couple of seconds. This real-time communication builds interest and trust in the customers.

Today everyone likes to have a one-on-one conversation, providing the same experience to your customers; you can stand out from your competitors. 

High Engagemnet rates

According to the stats, 57% of the audience available on WhatsApp is highly engaged with brands. 70% of the population reported their perception change for various brands.

Don’t you think it is amazing? What if you can too change any wrong perception of your brand in your customer’s mind?

Additionally, WhatsApp messages have a higher open rate than emails. 

Cost Effective

In WhatsApp Business, internet access is the only requirement you and your customers should have, And presently, nobody is living without the Internet.

Hence, it is considered the cheapest way of advertising and promoting your brand and connecting with your audience. 

Developing a Personalized WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Adding a target audience on your broadcast channel and telling them about your product won’t benefit you.

You need to build some effective strategies that you can implement on your WhatsApp marking for unstoppable growth and success.

Know Your People

Before you can start building strategies it is important to know your audience, only then will you be able to interact with them.

You need to know what are their taste, preferences, behaviors, what they like, what is the average age of your audience, what kind of messages they like, and what tonality they prefer.

When you get answers to all these questions then you will be able to make strategies in favor of your customers.
You will be able to write relatable messages and content that connect your feelings and ideas to your customers.

Utilize the WhatsApp Buinsess API

WhatsApp Business API is a tool that allows your business to operate and connect with customers globally. 

This tool is worth using, you can use it to broadcast messages to unlimited customers in one go, automate notifications, run click-to-WhatsApp ads, showcase product catalogs, and even collect payments within the app.

WhatsApp has made everything so convenient that neither the business nor the customers can hold themselves to enjoying its features and updates

Many big businesses have already started using WhatsApp Business API, When are you planning to add it to your business?

Keep Customers Updated With WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status can be a good attention seeker for your audience, by attaching short videos. You can either provide some information, updates, customer feedback, or sneak peeks to stay connected with your audience.

Sharing status can be a more convenient and creative way to explain your agenda to your customers.

Customers if by any chance couldn’t read your messages then they can still get information about your offers, deals, etc. 

Personalize Your Messages

By forwarding personalized messages by using the customer’s names and past interactions with the brand, you can create an interest in the customer’s mind to read your messages. 

Not only interests but personalization also helps in building stronger connections and increases the likelihood of engagement. 

Implement a Conversational Marketing Strategy

A conversational marketing strategy is a way of interacting with customers naturally and informally. This communication focuses on keeping the conversation natural rather than making it a traditional sales pitch. 

This involves chatbots, live chat, and other tools to engage with customers in real-time. 

Use those approaches that do not just ideally promote your brand, they should either lead to conversions or should give you some reverts from your customers. 

Provide Value Not Data

Your messages and content should be written in such a way that every single customer could relate to it or should think about it for once. 

Your messages shouldn’t be confined to sales and promotion, but you can provide your customers with some insights, financial advice, tips, or news related to your field. Digisensy can help you in this because we have the best Whatsapp Marketing Services.

Use Rich Media

You must use rich media such as images, video, and voice messages to make communication more interactive.

Customers who receive videos, voice messages, and images tend to open them and see the particular content. 

Case Studies for You

It is possible that you may hesitate while starting your WhatsApp business. However, you can make a clear decision after reading all the case studies given below.

Vodafone India

Vodafone used WhatsApp business to reduce the load of their call centers and improve customer service delivery. 

What Strategy Did They Implement?

Vodafone used WhatsApp business to handle and solve customer queries, complaints, and service requests. 

With the help of the WhatsApp business chatbot’s automated responses, they tried to solve customers’ common queries and used human support for more complex issues. 

What were The Outcomes?

  • The satisfaction rate of customers was higher and the queries were also quickly resolved. 
  • It reduced the burden of call centers by reducing the number of calls

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Dutch Airlines used WhatsApp to provide customers with flight information, ticket booking details, booking confirmation, boarding passes, and customer service. 

What Strategies Did KLM Implement?

KLM uses WhatsApp to provide customers with real-time updates and support. They also used WhatsApp to send personalized messages regarding traveling. 

What were The Outcomes?

  • The use of WhatsApp improved the efficiency of KLM’s customer service operation.
  • Passengers found it very convenient after receiving real-time updates, they felt informed and updated about the flights and its 
  • It also gives a personalized touch that enhances the business-customer relationship and bond.

Clarks Shoes

Clark Shoes uses WhatsApp to provide better customer service and shopping experience.

What Starteges Did They Implement?

Clarks used the WhatsApp channel to provide answers to customers’ questions, fashion devices, fashion updates, and product recommendations. The service was integrated with their online and physical stores to provide a seamless shopping experience. 

What were The Outcomes?

  • The WhatsApp campaign helped to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Customers appreciated the personalized fashion advice and services that helped increase the conversion rates.


In conclusion, WhatsApp business is an emerging platform, with unlimited potential to be used and enhance your business growth. Starting with knowing your audience,  utilizing WhatsApp business API,  updating customers through WhatsApp status, personalizing your messages, implementing a conversational marketing strategy, providing values, and using rich media you can help strengthen your brand. If you still having struggles in managing Whatsapp Business you can contact us because we are the Best Digital Marketing Company Lucknow.

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