WhatsApp Business APIRevolutionize Your consumer interaction using the WhatsApp API

If you are looking for a powerful tool that connects with your consumer on their preferred messaging platform then WhatsApp Business API is here for you! It is not a physical app or interface that is designed for personal devices, it helps in managing many consumers and creating responsive dialogues that are automated within Whatsapp. It acts as customer support that enhances your consumer’s satisfaction and helps in increasing their engagement hassle-free. 

Our Whatsapp Business API maintains a high level of consumer responsiveness and aligns the communication perfectly. We make sure that top-notch API helps enhance customer interaction with real-time chat conversations for sales, marketing, support, and authentications. 

Our team engages your customers throughout their buyer’s journey with DigiSensy’s powerful notification engine. We keep your consumers updated with automated updates. For example, we added automated shipping and delivery updates to your consumers if your agency is providing delivery services. You can track your campaign performance and check what worked for you and what did not. We address the queries and concerns of your consumers promptly. This not only saves your time but also builds the trust of your consumers in your brand.

Discover Whatsapp Business Message Categories


WhatsApp Business Utility messages include post-purchase updates, billing details, order confirmations, and payment alerts. It is used by businesses to give important messages to users.


WhatsApp marketing messages are promotional sent by businesses to their target consumers. Businesses highlight their products, services, and special offers, and categories that fall under them are feedback surveys, appointment alerts, announcements, etc.


OTPs and verification links are used for account verification, login, sign-up, and security alerts. These messages are sent to verify the identity of the user.

Our Promotional WhatsApp Campaigns

You can send promotional messages with calls to action to the website, attractive images and videos, and compelling content that can attract your consumers.

Use Attractive Elements With Whatsapp Business API

Photo & Video

You can send attractive images and videos that catch the eye of your consumers.

Business Attachments

Share business documents as an attachment in WhatsApp Messages to give plenty of information.

QR code

Increase engagement with call-to-action buttons and use QR scans for quick response.

Interactive chatbot set up using WhatsApp Business API

You can create WhatsApp chatbots to expand your business engagement with your consumers. Automated messages response on WhatsApp conversations improves your interaction with consumers.

    • It also boosts sales 
    • Get more leads
    • 24*7 time availability
    • Real-time quick replies
    • Customer satisfaction

WhatsApp Business APIKick Start your Whatsapp Business API Implementation

Facebook Business Manager ID

Craft a Business page on Facebook. Then you will receive a Facebook Business Manager ID. Our experts guide you effortlessly to set up your WhatsApp business account.

Verification and Approval

You have to undergo document verification that gets approved by Facebook Business Manager ID by submitting authentic documents of taxation, company formation, and more. When your Business Manager ID is successfully approved then you can proceed with the request for a WhatsApp Business account.

WhatsApp Business Account Configuration

To request Whatsapp Business API you have to enter specific details through DigiSensy’s Whatsapp dashboard. Details like FB manager ID, display name, and more. This takes up to 5 days for the approval.

Get Set Go

With the help of DigiSensy’s Whatsapp Dashboard, you can submit your template request. Then create your message content which includes unique multimedia elements and design call-to-action buttons. Then you are ready to go with top-notch API or you can use a dashboard for sending Whatsapp messages.

WHATSAPP BUSINESS APIEngage with your Consumers with WhatsApp Business

Your Business can get the first 1000 free conversations/month for

Messages sent by Customer end

An interaction on WhatsApp business that is initiated by the user or customer rather than the business owner.

Messages Initiated by Your Business

An interaction initiated by a business rather than a customer means the initial step of conversation is taken by a business.

WhatsApp Business API

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FAQsWhatsapp Business API Service FAQs

You can start using WhatsApp’s business API journey by choosing DigiSensy which is well well-known business service provider. We will set up your WhatsApp Business account and initiate every step easily.
Yes, you can send bulk automated messages to 1000s of customers who have given their consent to receive messages from your business.
Yes, we can help you apply for the Green tick on WhatsApp alongside your brand name to help you build credibility.
No, it is not a free service and costs may vary whereas DigiSensy offers different package plans for every business to decrease pressure on your pockets.
Yes, unsolicited messages, irrelevant messages, and misleading messages are not allowed to be sent through Whatsapp Business API.
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