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Hotel & Restaurants Software

Special features of our Hotels and Restaurant Software

Effective KOT Management

With our software, the food service process becomes easier. Instead of the traditional KOT system, you can use our automated KOT system to save your time and reduce manual efforts.

Table booking and Room Rent Service

Through this software, you can manage the seating pattern of the restaurant. We offer reservation systems for hassle-free booking and check-in/check-out processes.

Production Management

With efficient management of the production process with our Best hotels and restaurant software in India you can keep an eye on the availability of each item with meal plans and packages.

Offline access

You can access this software offline and the internet is not necessary while operating this software. With go-to management, you can access this software through your different devices.

Fast Billing Process

With the help of our Best Hotels and Restaurants software for Small Businesses, you can look into the table booking process, banquet hall, rooms, and more and can enhance the billing process.

Website Development

You can develop your website with our digital marketing service for showcasing the display of room images, packages you are offering for the room, online booking service through the website, and more. With minimum cost get your website designed without any issues.

Customization for your Hotels and RestaurantsSpecific Customization for your Hotels and Restaurants

Hotel Booking Software
  • Our specific customization fulfills your hotel and restaurant needs through software functions. We provide ongoing support to address any issues that may occur with new updates. 
  • Monitoring every aspect of our software so that it creates no disturbance in your management and operations.
  • With SMS check-in and check-out services, you can easily access the activities of your consumers without any further complications.
  • Our software can help you track the real-time reports related to KOT from anywhere and based on that you can make informed decisions.
  • We also offer user privilege security and effortless rate management with hotel reservations.

FAQHotel & Restaurants Software FAQs

Traditional KOT generation processes have chances for errors and less ability to monitor and track the orders. Whereas automated KOT helps reduce costs, and errors and saves time.
The cost of hotel and restaurant software might vary as per the need and preference of your hotel.
Yes, our software safeguards customer information and we always prioritize the security of sensitive information.
The hotel and restaurant software of DigiSensy manages hotel booking efficiently and streamlines your needs with easy, clear, and professional management.
We provide the best customer support team that is available 24*7 to resolve any issues with the software.

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