School Management SoftwareWhat is School Management Software?

School Management Software

Why Use GEN School Software?

Our GEN School Software is a management system that is designed to remove the obstacles that come in the way of school management. You can manage any kind of educational institution such as Schools, Training Centres, Colleges, Universities, and more. It offers different types of user accounts
School Management System







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Why Choose DigisensyRemarkable Modules Of Best School Management System Software

Fees collection module

The fee collection process becomes easier through available modules. Get complete fee configuration including fee types, fee groups, fees master, fees fine, due date, and more.

Promoting Students

Promote students in the next academic session based on passing or failing of examination.

Fees and discount allotment

Fees and discount allotment, creating fee discounts like sibling discounts, early admission discounts, and more.

Education Management System

Collection of fees

Collecting fees with whole details of students without any manual errors.

Admission of siblings

Our GEN school software supports adding any number of siblings at the time of student admission.

Managing student attendance

Manage student attendance smartly and easily with monthly reports.

Examination management

Complete examination management with the grades of each student without any obstacles.

Student details

You can search a student’s details with just the father’s name, roll no., admission number, etc, and can edit the profile on different student categories.

Expense of school

Record school expenses like electricity bills, water bills, and more.

Timetable management

Manage class timetable for the whole week through GEN school software.

Assigning subjects 

Assign subjects to different classes and add subject code with name.

Downloading option 

Our software allows students, teachers, parents to download syllabus, assignments and study material, etc.

Library access

Library management and managing school transport become easier with our software.

Digital notice board

Make changes in the digital notice board of our GEN school software for communicating messages to parents and students.

Reports management

From transaction reports to attendance reports, you can effectively check all the reports with our Top School Management System Software.

Backup of data

We also offer internet payment gateways, SMS gateways, and general settings, and restore all the databases to make your school management effective.

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FeaturesTop-notch Features of our GEN school software

FAQSchool Management Software FAQ

Yes, a school management system helps schools by automating administrative tasks, improving communication, and providing real-time access to information to small schools without manual efforts.
The cost of your school management system software is not fixed as it depends on the specific needs of your school.
Through the GEN school system, students can download their syllabus, check their topics, and more.
Yes, school management system software reduces the manual efforts of teachers in making reports, attendance checking, examination details, and more.
Yes, GEN school software provides an internet payment gateway that helps parents pay school fees through online methods.

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