WhatsApp Pay for Enterprises: Explore the Perks, Uses, and Easy Setup Process

WhatsApp Pay for Enterprises
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WhatsApp business has now spread its branches all over the world having more than 2 billion users.. As it is gaining popularity day by day, lots and lots of businesses are incorporating it into their strategies.  

But why WhatsApp is becoming so popular?

There are multiple answers to this question, but one of the most popular reasons will be discussed in this article and that is: WhatsApp Pay.

WhatsApp pay has made things easier, quicker, and more convenient. This has increased the conversion rates of the business, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and many more. 

But what does WhatsApp Pay mean?

A Quick Intro to WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay is a feature within WhatsApp that allows users to pay through UPI(PhonePay, Gpay, Paytm), Debit/Credit card, and Net banking. 

It also allows businesses to receive payments through various modes and give their customer order confirmation information and all the related updates until the final delivery. 

In simple terms, WhatsApp Pay enables an end-to-end shopping experience right within WhatsApp, making it the most-used marketing platform

This brings you to the next section of the article that is:

Benefits of WhatsApp Pay

  1. Convenient: WhatsApp business is a convenient way of paying for the purchase. This can be explained with the help of an example.

Suppose one of your customers found a product of her interest during your product promotion on WhatsApp, which she added to the cart and proceeded further to make the payment

Now without closing WhatsApp and opening another app for initializing the payment, she can directly pay for the purchase within WhatsApp. When it gets completed she’ll receive order confirmation and other details. 

This convenient method helps customers to make payments without switching apps. 

  1. User-friendly interface: More than 2 billion people are using WhatsApp, which makes it quite obvious that they must be known of all the features WhatsApp provides. 

Because users are familiar with everything given by WhatsApp they don’t need to learn how to proceed with the payment. 

  1. Security: WhatsApp is very serious about their customers’ security hence promoting two-step verification just to increase the the security of the customer’s data. 

WhatsApp Pay is a secure platform to move forward with payments as everything is end-to-end encrypted, safe, and secure.

  1. Quick transfers: Payments are transferred quickly, allowing efficient and effective transactions.
  1. No additional apps: No other app needs to be installed for processing the payment, because the payment structure is integrated into WhatsApp
  1. Free service: Anyone who is using WhatsApp doesn’t need to pay any fees or charges to receive or pay for any payment. This makes WhatsApp business a cost-effective business. 

Now that you know the benefits of WhatsApp Pay it is essential for you to know about the uses of WhatsApp for what you can use it

Uses of WhatsApp Pay

There are multiple uses of WhatsApp way some are now still undercover, but here are some of the most common uses:

  1. Customer Support
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Order and Delivery Notifications
  4. Appointment Scheduling
  5. Event Management
  6. Feedback and Surveys
  7. Internal Communication
  8. Education and training
  9. Healthcare
  10. Travel and Hospitality
  11. Non-profit and Community Services
  12. Retail and E-commerce
  13. Finance and Banking
  14. Real Estate
  15. Legal Services
  16. Entertainment and Media
  17. Government and public services.

How to Set Up WhatsApp Pay for Business?

Setting up WhatsApp Pay for business is very easy and quick. Follow the below steps and enjoy your WhatsAppPay!

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: Click on the three dots given in the top-right corner of the screen

Step 3: Select ‘‘Payments’’

Step 4: Scroll down and select “Add payment method”

Step 5: Tap on “Continue”

Step 6: Accept Terms and Conditions

Step 7: Select your Bank from the given list

Step 8: Verify via SMS by tapping the “Allow” button

Step 9: Choose the bank account to add.

Step 10: Tap “Done” to complete the process

How to Pay Using WhatsApp?

Follow the simple steps given below to know how you can pay using WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: Open the Chat of the of whom you want to pay

Step 3: Click on the Rupee icon located on the right of the text box.

Step 4: Enter the desired amount you want to pay

Step 5: Tap “ Pay” and enter your security pin to complete the payment process. 

As a Final Point

It is better to go with the trends and adapt to changes since you can experience the changes that are becoming more and more technological and convenient for the users. Hence, using WhatsApp for business can turn out to be a good decision as it will not only drive sales, and increase conversion but will also help in building the goodwill of your brand. DigiSensy can help you with that because we are the Best digital marketing company Lucknow you can visit.

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