10 Key Tactics to Drive Sales Growth with WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp is being used by more than 2 billion people in 180 countries. This figure wasn’t normal, that’s why in January 2018 WhatsApp business was launched

The main aim of launching this platform was to support small and medium businesses to reach out to their audience and drive sales and customer engagement.

If you have a small business and you are getting a platform where you can get in touch with billions of new customers, don’t you think this is something like a dream come true?

Using WhatsApp business app is quite easy and anyone can use it, today a lot of big and successful businesses are using WhatsApp business to stay ahead of the competition.

DigiSensy, digital marketing company Lucknow understands the importance of WhatsApp business and hence assists with Whaap business marketing to many startups and small-scale businesses.

But, it is not what the WhatsApp Business app is doing, it is the strategies that are driving positive results.

To get the best out of the WhatsApp business you need to first build the best strategies which have the least possibility of failure and can give you significant growth.

But why are we using WhatsApp Business, not WhatsApp Business API?

This is because both are different!

So it is essential to know the difference before jumping directly into the tactics.

Difference Between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API

FeatureWhatsApp Business AppWhatsApp Business API
MeaningWhatsApp Business marketing is a platform for businesses to connect and communicate with customers regarding promotions, product information, and customer services.The WhatsApp Business API is a tool designed for medium to large-sized businesses to interact with customers at scale.
Intended UsersSmall to medium-sized businessMedium to large-sized business
InstallationMobile app available for download on iOS and AndroidRequires integration with business systems and servers
User InterfaceUser- friendlyNo graphical user interface
AutomationBasic automation (Eg. quick replies, greeting messages)Advanced automation through custom integration
PersonalizationBasic PersonalizationAdvanced Personalization
CostFree to usePricing depends on the service provider
VerificationA business profile can be verifiedRequires Facebook business verification

10 Ways to Drive Sales Growth with WhatsApp Business API

Since you are aware of both the terms WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App now you can move forward with the strategies helpful for sales growth:

  1. Personalized message

Personalized messages are magical. Since they have names written on the top, it attracts the customers’ attention very easily.

Tailor messages to their preferences and past interactions to create a more personal connection.

  1. Automate Response

When you have automated response features in WhatsApp business API ten why not use it to make things easier and more convenient for both customers and your employees?

Use automated messages to instantly reply to common inquiries, provide information about products, provide customer support, and confirm orders.

  1. Create Broadcast List

You don’t have to form a group chat to send promotional messages, product updates, and other information to your customers. You just need to segment them according to their interest and target communication.

  1. Utilize Rich Media

As mentioned earlier use WhatsApp to its full potential. Use different types of media to send information to your customers.

Only messaging them won’t benefit you. You need to use images videos, and documents to make your messages more engaging.

Use visuals to showcase your products, provide tutorials, and offer a more interactive experience.

  1. Provide Exclusive offers

Offer discounts, deals, and offers to attract customers. Usually, customers get attracted to these things since they pay less and get more. You can use these tactics to increase your sales.

  1. Offer Real-Time Support

Try to provide real-time customer support through WhatsApp. Resolve issues and answer questions quickly to maintain customer satisfaction

  1. Send Order Confirmation

You can use WhatsApp to send order confirmation, order tracking details, shipping updates, and delivery notifications.

Try to keep the customer updated to make them feel the transparency you have in your brand.          

Not only this you will keep the customer engaged throughout the purchase process.   

  1. Collect feedback

Feedback is the only thing from which you can improve the area that actually needs improvement 

Motivate customers to give their important feedback through chats so that you can take the most common feedback of customers and make changes to your products and services.

  1. Run Interactive Campaigns

Make customers participate in polls, and quizzes, and create a fun and interactive experience while you gather the valuable data

  1. Track and Analyze Metric

When you have implemented all the tactics and the results are almost out, you need to sit and analyze the efforts you have put in so far.
You need to monitor indicators like message open rates, response times, and customer satisfaction to continuously optimize your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Using WhatsApp business can be exciting for many and a daunting task for others, but that doesn’t mean they can never enjoy its benefits. They definitely can but with the help of the best digital marketing company Lucknow: DigiSensy, a digital marketing agency committed to boosting the growth of other businesses digitally.

To bring it all together

WhatsApp Business API has many benefits. By completing proper tactics such as sending personalized messages, automating responses, creating broadcasting lists, utilizing rich media, providing exclusive offers, offering real-time support, sending order confirmation, collecting feedback, running interactive campaigns, and tracking and analyzing metrics, you can increase conversion, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

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