YouTube SEO: Proven Tips to Get Your Videos Rank

YouTube SEO: Proven Tips to Get Your Videos Ranked #1
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Trying to rank videos on YouTube might seem like a lot of effort! But this effort can be reduced with YouTube SEO so that you can enjoy views, comments, and likes on your videos. To be successful on Youtube you have to plan a clear strategy that helps you in reaching the right audience. 

YouTube is a part of Google and it uses similar search algorithms to show users the videos that match their search queries and interests. For a better understanding, you can take the help of a professional SEO services agency. If you’re new to search engine optimization then we are here to tell you some of the proven tips to get your videos ranked #1. 

  1. Conduct Thorough Keyword Research 

Keywords are the important players in YouTube SEO and Google. The platform identifies video subjects, indexes the content, and user searches. You have to analyze titles, tags, and descriptions for your Videos. It facilitates your reach and you will achieve a good audience and a high number of views. You might be thinking about how one keyword can do wonders. 

Well! Adopting good SEO practices for YouTube can help you gain all these benefits. You can use long tail keywords because they have fewer competitors and it’s easier to get a higher position through them. Make sure you work harder for your video title because it impacts the user’s mind. Your video title is the first thing that comes in contact with users so don’t forget to prioritize it. 

  1. Don’t Forget to Add the tags and Captions in Your Video 

If you are someone who stuffs the keywords then it no longer makes sense. The search engine no longer uses this aspect as a ranking factor since it was widely used as spam. But, your tags can improve the ranking of the video. As YouTube allows you to add up to 120 characters, you can use around 8 words for tags. Whereas, the description of your video can be more than 5000 characters and it can be written in detail. 

With an attractive description, you can uplift the video engagement. You can also add a call to action like subscribing to the channel. Don’t forget to edit the file name which must be relevant to your video content. It helps YouTube to identify what the video is all about. 

  1. Create Longer Videos and Increase Audience Engagement 

If you invest in making quality content then don’t be tense about video length. Still, if you want to explore video length then, let me tell you that a video of less than 1 or 2 minutes looks more superficial than a video with less than 2 minutes and tends to be poorly positioned. You can make your video from 5 to 10 minutes. It is unnecessary to make a video lengthy even if it is not lengthy but you can expand it if you get a chance. 

Always encourage your users to interact with your video whether in the form of liking, subscribing, commenting, or sharing the video because it shows google whether you are offering something to the interest of an audience or not. You can also promote your YouTube videos outside the channel and increase audience engagement. Not only this, you can customize the thumbnail of your YouTube videos to stand out from everyone else. You can choose something that could be an illustration related to your topic because it can attract an audience to watch your video. 

  1. Create a Playlist and Focus on Optimization 

Don’t pull yourself back when it comes to creating a playlist. Optimize your playlists with strategic keywords and use them in the titles, descriptions, and throughout your videos. You can choose your future influencers to increase your video reach but remember their reputation in the digital world because it can impact your video image too. 

You can host Q and A sessions to improve audience engagement and help you interact with your users at the personal level.  With all this stuff, don’t miss out on the production value, a raise in the production value can give you a huge boost. Your video quality must be high and differ from others. 

Focus on lighting, good content, and voice. But wait you don’t need to set up an expensive video studio because you can use your smartphone and other devices for recording. Even the best SEO services company in India will also suggest you not to burn a hole in your pocket for the video setup. 

  1. Monitoring and Analyzing the Results 

Monitor your analytics closely through some metrics like impression CTR, traffic sources, unique viewers, subscriber growth, and more. You can update your videos as per the interest of your audience and consider the points that can make your videos visually better with quality content.


It is necessary to look into some points that we have already discussed in this blog. Through these points, your video can rank #1 on YouTube through strategic SEO services. YouTube is a part of Google and it uses similar search algorithms to show users the videos that match their search queries. Don’t forget to use these tips when you want to grow on YouTube. 

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