The Client

Criticare Hospital is considered a top multi-super speciality hospital that offers the best emergency services 24*7 and critical care to patients. It was established in the year 2010. Through its diagnostic laboratories, telemedicine services, patient-centric design, and pharmacy this hospital provides world-class outpatient facilities. Doctors of Criticare Hospital have performed more than 240 surgeries and thousands of patients are satisfied with the services.


SEO, PPC , Social Media Management


UX Strategy


Criticare Hospital, Lucknow


Criticare Hospital wants to boost its lead generation and aims to get a digital presence through a well-designed and composed website that ensures a prominent ranking and Google presence. The following aims of Induce India include-

  • Development of a new website
  • Generate business through new leads
  • Increment in social presence
  • Improvement in keyword coverage
  • Upliftment in brand visibility


DigiSensy made a few strategies to overcome the challenges while working towards the aim of Criticare Hospital. These challenges were-

  • Zero digital presence
  • Creation of a well-structured website
  • Generation of new leads
  • Issues with recurring business
  • Improving social media presence


DigiSensy’s expertise builds a mark on the Criticare Hospital by enhancing its growth and generating successful leads with digital visibility.

With accurate strategies and by observing each issue faced by CritiCare Hospital DigiSensy’s team navigated challenges by understanding and ensuring that every solution must be accurate. 

Developed a new website 

DigiSensy’s experts made a new website that doesn’t just navigate pages but enhances Criticare Hospital’s digital visibility. The website holds the correct format which increases seamless healthcare facilities. 

Search Engine Optimization Tactics 

Search engine optimization strategies of DigiSeny helped Criticare Hospital to become a spotlight in the digital landscape. By optimizing keywords, refining content, and enhancing online visibility, our team gave them brand awareness

Social Media Management 

With the help of social media management and graphic designing, we made an exceptional impact on their brand image by elevating their social presence. 

Hospital Infrastructure Management System 

In the development of hospital infrastructure management system software, we presented hospital operations on the digital platform. This innovative platform not only streamlines but elevates the efficiency of healthcare management. This solution of DigiSensy is more than just software because it acts as a transformative bridge that connects healthcare providers with patients digitally. 

Pay-per-click Campaign

Recognizing the needs, we also provided a Pay-per-click campaign which was considered less required by Criticare Hospital. The data for organic and PPC were 80% and 20% respectively. 


Our dedicated efforts gave wings to Criticare Hospital and fulfilled their requirements and needs with a holistic approach. Within 3 to 6 months, Criticare Hospital was placed on the list of top emergency and critical care hospitals in Lucknow and nearby areas. 

It’s not just about crafting success stories, we also created digital as well as social visibility of Criticare Hospital. The hospital achieved a remarkable improvement of 1,130% in the emergency hospital category and got a 405% boost increase in keyword coverage.

DigiSensy’s expertise builds a mark on the Criticare Hospital by enhancing its growth and generating successful leads with digital visibility.