The Client

Induce India was established in 2013 and it provides various certifications and licenses to its clients under the various schemes of the government of India. Induce India is located near Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. From BIS certification to ISI Mark, this company gives more than 35+ types of product certification and testing compliances which maintain their leading positions among top companies in India. 


SEO, Content Marketing, Graphic Design


Brand, UX Strategy


Induce India


Induce India wants to boost its lead generation and aims to get a digital presence through a well-designed and composed website that ensures a prominent ranking and Google presence. The following aims of Induce India include-

  • New corporate website
  • Generate Business through New Leads
  • Improvement in GMB ranking
  • Increment in digital footprints and traffic


While working for the goals of Induce India there were multiple challenges that we have faced and these are mentioned here-

  • New corporate website development
  • To compete with high-paid competitors
  • Elevating business in a short time
  • No usage of Social media or PPC
  • Generating leads only through SEO tactics.
  • Improving Digital presence


As an outcome, first-page keyword ranking has seen exceptional growth of  1,120% and achieved a 130% boost increase in keyword coverage. 

We crafted our strategies as per the needs of Induce India and provided them with accurate solutions that uplifted their company digitally. 

New corporate website 

DigiSensy worked to create a well-structured new corporate website that holds unique elements and incorporated many sections for elevating the brand. 

SEO services 

With the best SEO tactics, we enhanced the GMB ranking of Induce India. Within 3 months of following SEO practices, we gave rankings to Induce india in the Top 5, Top 10, and Top 3 for business keywords. Through search engine optimization strategies we also made their website user-friendly which generated better leads and gave the best results in their business. 

Fluctuation was decreased 

After a few months, the Induce India website was facing fluctuation in ranking but with continuous efforts by our team, we again achieved a good ranking on SEPR. 

Content writing 

By content writing service we gave them compelling website content to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their website. Their online presence increased with the content of the website and social media handles. 

Graphic Design

DigiSensy provided them with social media handles with the best graphic designs which boosted their presence on various digital platforms. This approach elevated their engagement and fostered a strong connection with the audience. With top-notch graphic designs, we amplified their brand visibility and positively influenced their business. 


Our dedication and innovative strategies gave Induce India a strong presence on Google and uplifted the brand beyond their expectations. We gave 500+ traffic on their website within a few months which was covered with the help of SEO practices. 

As an outcome, first-page keyword ranking has seen exceptional growth of  1,120% and achieved a 130% boost increase in keyword coverage. 

With the help of Graphic designing, Web development, and Search engine optimization strategies we created an impact on Induce India which gave them growth to unpredictable heights.