The Client

Urvara Fertility Centre is considered the best IVF Center in Lucknow. This IVF center is led by Dr. Richa Singh who is highly skilled and has more than 12 years of experience in this field. Dr. Richa Singh along with her team of embryologists, technicians, and the rest of the healthcare staff provides quality and effective treatment procedures to infertile couples and helps them during the journey of parenthood.


SEO, PPC, Content Marketing


Brand, UX Strategy


Urvara Fertility Centre


Urvara Fertility Centre wants to create brand visibility through social and digital presence with a well-designed website. Urvara Fertility wants to focus on these aims- 

  • Well designed website
  • Generate business through new leads
  • Increment in brand visibility
  • High-quality content on the website
  • Social media presence


The old website of Urvara Fertility Centre was not responsive and user-friendly. So, we incorporated a few changes in their website, and later on we created a new corporate website for them while working towards the objective of Uravra Fertility Centre we faced these challenges –

  • Lack of relevant information on the website
  • Essential keywords were not added to the website
  • Need to generate high-quality content
  • Increase in website span score
  • Increment in Social media presence
  • Generation of high-quality leads through the PPC campaign


DigiSensy worked on strategies and showed its results for the Urvara fertility centre by achieving rank in most of the keywords in the top 3 and top 1 positions and under 10 for other keywords.

We initially started our work on the existing old website more than 6 months by fixing all errors from the website.

Search Engine Optimization Service

The old website was not up to mark and after an audit, we found that SEO strategies were not followed accurately so we began from scratch for SEO tactics. We planned SEO tactics as per the needs of the website and generated brand awareness.

PPC Campaign

For generating high-quality content we have Urvara Fertility Centre achieved good business leads as per the 180% ROI. With the strategies of the PPC campaign, we increased the website’s impact on digital platforms.

Newly Designed Corporate Website

The older website was creating a hindrance in a few aspects so DigiSensy’s experts worked with the high effort to design a new website with parallel SEO service to achieve the best organic result. We haven’t made any other changes to the old website because that was not up to the mark as per the client’s vision.

Content writing

For generating high-quality content for the Urvara fertility centre we focused on crafting premium content as per the needs of their website. We ensured a standard of excellence in every piece of content.

Social Media Management

We made a positive impact through the social media management of Uravra Fertility Center. Our graphic designer’s professional team created many creatives that influenced many people and enhanced the growth of the center. By managing the social media handles of the Urvara Fertility Centre we also created a strong bond between the center and audience.

Whatsapp Business API

Increasing brand visibility through WhatsApp business API was a major task that created a significant improvement in many terms. Whether it is social, physical, or digital we focus on business branding and work on elevating the brand through our services.


DigiSensy worked on strategies and showed its results for the Urvara fertility centre by achieving rank in most of the keywords in the top 3 and top 1 positions and under 10 for other keywords. 

PPC campaigns, search engine optimization, social media management, and high-quality content writing helped to give wings to their brand. It also increased digital footprints on various platforms of the Urvara fertility centre and generated high-quality leads. We created a long-lasting impact through the user-friendly website that enriched their brand growth.