Technical SEO Checklist: Boost Your Website Traffic

Technical SEO Checklist

Have you ever wondered how Technical SEO can help your business? Well, technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes auditing and optimizing technical aspects of your website. It also helps search engines crawl your website and index it more efficiently. With the support of the Best SEO Company in Lucknow, you can improve the performance of your website.

A fast website with reliable navigation is easy to use and helps in satisfying consumers. Having a rigid technical pillar for your website can improve website reach. It’s like having a secret lamp on your challenging journey. Let’s see how technical SEO can help uplift your website traffic. 

Look into the Website Speed 

Technical SEO focuses on improving website speed and enhancing user experience. Through a well-structured website, users can explore the website easily. Having a slow website speed can lead customers to lose interest in knowing more about your business. To check your website speed you can use a Google PageSpeed Insights tool. For increasing website speed you can choose a landing page redirect that best works for you through a 302 status code or a 301 status code, etc. Use tools to compress pages and make responsive images. 

Check Mobile-friendliness of Your website 

Mobile-friendliness does matter for SEO. The website relies on or targets traffic from mobile users at all, mobile friendliness is vital for SEO. Remember that your mobile site would have the same content as its desktop. Assess how responsive the website is when your user looks at your website.

You should understand that users don’t interact with pages on mobile devices like they do on their desktops so you have to make sure that your website is accurately optimized and functions accurately on mobile devices. 

You can use accelerated mobile pages that can help in boosting the speed of your mobile website. Google also shows AMP pages in important search engine results that can attract several users. 

Make sure that you Optimize your Crawl Budget 

Crawl budget means several pages Googlebot crawls and indexes on a website within a given timeframe. As a website owner, you have to check that your crawl budget never goes to waste. Keep your pages about three clicks away from the homepage, keep your links contextual, interlink to pages with related content, use keywords in the anchor text of internal links, and more can help your website get a better ranking on search engine results. 

HTTP Version and Javascript 

You should make a Java script-heavy website search-friendly. SEO agency makes the respective websites noticeable and increases ranking on Google. To prevent your website from the ‘not secure’ tag you have to follow its mandate and still have the ‘https://’ tag in URLs. This will create a secure and encrypted connection between your web server and browser. If a page does not exist anymore or if a URL was modified by you, then ensure that your 404 page is search engine optimized by having a structure similar to your website. 

Implementation of Structured Data Markup 

Structured Data Markup

Ensure that your markup is valid and that Google has found your structured data using the URL inspection tool on your page. A structured data markup helps search engines to understand your web pages. You can simply use structured data markup helper by Google to set it up and then test it using its Structured Data Testing Tool. This will also give you better attention from your users. Even the Top SEO Services Agency also help you in implementing structured data markup. 

Avoid Copied Content 

You must avoid duplicate content on your website because search engines only show relevant information to users and if your website has duplicate content then search engines have no idea which version of the website to show the user. Your website will face penalties because of duplicate content. Remember that here we are not talking about only blog or long-format content we are also talking about product or service descriptions. 

Building a SEO Friendly Website Architecture 

Website optimization is an important part of technical SEO. There are many pages on the website and site architecture means your site architecture depends on how many pages are linked within your website. Organize the pages and give an accurate structure to your website because there is a relation between your pages and it is understood by search engines. 

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Don’t think too much while investing your efforts in technical SEO. It has a brighter side and it’s better to understand it as soon as possible. Technical SEO doesn’t just cover these points but also covers much more. These Technical SEO checklists and strategic approaches ensure that your website continues to attract organic traffic. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ applies to technical SEO a well-structured website with all holistic tactics can help in your business growth without wasting time. 

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